Support Workers

Our experienced support workers will assist you with social and community activities as well as everyday at home care tasks.

TLC Support Workers are ready to help you with everyday activities, and to access and participate within your community. TLC Support Workers will help you to make the most of your Core Supports funding - and the best part, we don't just help out in the home. We can support you out in the community for social or work reasons, at school, TAFE or university, at art, music or drama classes, visiting the local library or even at a hotel while on holiday.

Our Support Workers help you;

Tailored Support

TLC Support Staff work to provide individualised assistance, whilst also maintaining your dignity of choice and freedoms. Our Support Staff are there to provide support where needed, and to assist in maximising your independence.

Community Access

Providing in Home and Community Support, tailored to you and your choices. Our team is there to assist you with community access and social engagement.

Experienced and Certified

Our TLC Support Workers are certified, and more importantly, experienced. We offer you support that is empathetic and we are committed to achieving your goals to obtain the best outcomes possible.

The TLC Touch

A Team Service

We are a team based service. If someone is away and you need assistance, another Support Worker will step in.

Building Independence

If you want to learn how to coordinate your needs on your own then we will teach you the skills to do so.

Highly Experienced

We are experienced in mental health, intellectual disability, positive behaviour support and restrictive practices.

In Your Interest

We are always operating in your interest and will only recommend service providers suited to your needs and personality.


NDIS Support Categories

Support Workers are funded under Core Supports in your NDIS plan. The core supports budget is funding to support all your assistance with day-to-day tasks that relate to your plan and life goals. The core budget is often flexible across the four support budget categories meaning you can choose to spend your funding interchangeably between them. 

Our Support Workers are billed in line with the NDIS Price Guide.

Do You Need a Support Worker?

Do you have a disability and need assistance in your daily life? You can access the help of a TLC support worker. This includes children, teenagers and adults who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Disability support workers offer respite for family carers. Having support means family carers can take a break, or pursue commitments at work, study and more. Our support workers are compassionate, patient and well-trained.

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