Employment Supports

Not only can we find you the perfect job, we also provide on job support to guide, mentor and support you to sustain employment.

TLC provide Disability Employment under NDIS. As an NDIS participant, you can get support for employment the same way as you get other kinds of NDIS support. We work with you to develop your employment goals and step you through the process of achieving these goals. We are also passionate about providing ‘on job support’ to guide, mentor and support you to sustain your employment.

Our Employment Supports help you;


Your TLC Employment Specialist will assist you in preparing for your journey into employment through individualised training, education modules and mentoring. Through this phase of your supports, you will transition to being completely job ready.

Goal Focused

Working with you to find suitable and sustainable paid employment or work experience, with employers who support you. We provide ongoing support to both you, and your workplace to ensure the best possible results.

Fully Funded Support

All support offered through TLC's Employment Supports are funded through your NDIS plan. Under your NDIS plan we are able to deliver these supports through Core, Capacity Building and Employment budgets in your plan. If you are unsure about whether you plan includes this funding, have a chat to our TLC Team.

Being employed Benefits Everyone

Community Connections

Expand your social network and make meaningful connections in your community.

Building Financial Independence

Maintaining employment means a regular income and in turn builds financial independence.

Improve Health & Wellbeing

Thrive in a job that aligns with your values, skills, abilities, and interests.

Develop your Identity and Self Worth

Build a routine and goals to work towards, allowing you to have a sense of achievement


Support Categories

Employment Supports is fully funded by Disability Employment under NDIS.

The NDIS program gives participants flexibility and choice in the services they receive and how they receive them. As your preferred provider we will support you at every step of your employment journey.

Do You Need Employment Support?

Are you looking for work but not sure where to start? That's where our TLC Employment Support specialists can help. We work with you to discover what jobs you would be best suited for and you will also enjoy doing. Perhaps you have already found your dream job and need support to ensure you retain your employment. TLC Employment Specialists can help with every stage of the employment process and we are particularly skilled at helping you to set up and meet employment goals. Get in touch to start your journey to building financial independence and meaningful community connections.

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