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To be eligible to access our services under the National Disability Insurances Scheme (NDIS) you will need to have an active NDIS plan. We can refer you to services to assist to start the process if you would like to apply.

You can contact National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110 and speak with a representative. You can also complete an Access Request Form and return it to the NDIA directly.

If you need help to apply, you can contact your Local Area Coordinator Feros Care on 1300 986 970.

Supports in employment funding is available to anyone who meets NDIS access requirements, has a goal to work and who, due to the nature and impact of their disability, will require ongoing, frequent on-the-job support to pursue and achieve their employment goals. There is a number of different funding categories you can use under your NDIS plan for this.

Supports in employment, is day-today assistance in the workplace to maintain employment, which the NDIS funds. The NDIS also funds capacity building employment supports, such as employment-related assessment counselling, workplace assistance, school leaver employment supports.

Plan Management
Support Coordination
Support Workers
Employment Support

You should contact your Support Coordinator if you have one. If you do not or are unsure you can contact your Plan Manager who will be able to assist and explain where funds are being spent and also contact your Local Area Coordinator who can assist you with the process moving forward for more funding or how to better utilise this.

This will depend on your NDIS plan. Some plans can be Plan Managed, which means you have funding for a Plan Manager to enter and pay your invoices under NDIS. Some plans will also be self-managed, which means you will need to enter and pay invoices yourself or NDIA Managed, which means you can only use a NDIA registered Provider specifically for that funding and they will draw this money down directly. Sometimes plans can be both – check with your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator if you are unsure.

We have offices in Cannonvale and Mackay. Check out our contact page for more details on office locations.

Yes. You don’t need to live in those suburbs or surrounding areas to access our services. We are registered to provide services for all of Queensland and can assist wherever you reside in Queensland.

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