Support Coordination

We work with you to unpack your NDIS plan, budget your funds to get the most value, and choose providers that best meet your needs.

We’re passionate about exploring and releasing the possibilities the NDIS presents for you. Our Support Coordinators work with you to research and find what options are available to you and recommend where and how you can access other supports that you might need. We connect you with the very best providers in the Whitsunday and Mackay regions. This could be a TAFE course, an Occupational Therapist or even getting a mental health plan through your local GP.

Our Support Coordinators help you;

Connection to Community

Your TLC Support Coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to build, establish and maintain relationships with your community.

Development of Supports

Working with you to develop a thorough, well rounded group of supports and services to assist you in maintaining a meaningful life, and to live more independently.

Achieve Your Goals

TLC Support Coordinators will assist you to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your NDIS Plan, and will assist to develop strategies to help you set, review and achieve your individualised goals.

The TLC Touch

A Team Service

We are a team based service. If someone is away and you need assistance, another Support Coordinator will help.

Building Independence

If you want to learn how to coordinate your needs on your own then we will teach you the skills to do so.

Highly Experienced

We are experienced in mental health, intellectual disability, positive behaviour support and restrictive practices.

In Your Interest

We are always operating in your interest and will only recommend service providers suited to your needs and personality.


NDIS Support Categories

Support Coordination is funded under Capacity Building – Support Coordination in your NDIS plan. 

Not sure if you have funding in your plan for this support?

Some key terms to look for in your NDIS Plan that describe this service include: Support Connection, Support Coordination, Specialist Support Coordination, Assistance in Coordinating or Managing life stages, transitions and supports

Our Support Coordination is billed in line with the NDIS Price Guide.

Do You Need Support Coordination?

Connect with us and we will support you to understand and use you NDIS plan to pursue your goals; connect you with NDIS providers, become involved with the local community and build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports. Our experienced support coordinators ensure you get the most out of your approved funding. Support coordination can be delivered through in person meetings, over the phone or video based depending on how you would like to communicate.

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